The Holistic Approach to Fat Loss

What is Osmosis +Sculpt?

Osmosis +Sculpt is the most technologically advanced full body system on the market today that harnesses the full benefits of MICRO, NANO, & PICO technologies. Osmosis +Sculpt is programmed with a unique set of patented signatures that promises to deliver several effects.

A primary set of signals is set to maximize fat detoxification (shrink fat cells). A secondary set of frequencies is set to elicit muscle contractions yielding lymphatic drainage, toning and muscle building. The resulting contractions also increase the secretions of catecholamines which help adipose tissue lipolysis. The combination of frequencies composes a unique specific frequency signature of bioelectric energy which in turn consequently results in immediate detoxification, toning and inch loss in the treated area. Bioelectric processes are monitored through a built-in biofeedback monitoring computer for optimum program values for every client.

How is Osmosis +SCULPT different than other “fat loss” treatments?

Other microcurrent machines, TENS units, and muscle stimulator belts use technology that don’t conform to various shapes of the body. The frequencies then change shape when applied to the skin due to body impedance fluctuations. This makes the machines less effective because the wave is never constant. Osmosis +Sculpt, with its advanced wave technology, is able to maintain wave morphology, control the direction of current, and maintain constant current levels, resulting in inch loss as well as strengthening and toning muscles.  +Sculpt does not kill, freeze, or use heat to remove fat cells which are a vital component of a healthy body. “Wraps” use chemicals to temporarily draw water from your body, which is quickly replaced.

To get the most from your Osmosis +Sculpt sessions: Are there any Contraindications?
  • Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of
    water every day, especially day before and day of sessions
  • Take Osmosis Melt (fat detox support) and Osmosis Elevate
    (metabolism support) supplements as directed
  • Eat clean, consume lean meats and fruits/vegetables
    while reducing inflammatory foods such as dairy, sugars,
    and excess carbohydrates from grains
  • Include exercise 3+ times per week
  • Avoid alcohol consumption during your series to avoid
    “re-toxifying” while your body is healing and  letting go
    of unhealthy toxins
  • Pacemaker
  • Epilepsy
  • History of Seizures
  • Metal Plates
  • Pins in the Area of Treatment
  • Diabetes (ok with physician’s approval)
  • Cancer (ok with physician’s approval)
  • Recent Surgery (ok with physician’s approval)
  • Blood Clots or History of Blood Clots
  • PAD or Any Symptoms of Poor Circulation
  • Phlebitis/Thrombosis
  • Pregnancy
  • Recent Childbirth – Must not be Breastfeeding

How often should you come in for sessions?

It is recommended to start with 1-2 sessions per week in a series of 10 over the course of either 5 or 10 weeks.  After 10 sessions are complete, your results will be evaluated and you may begin a maintenance program or continue sessions until your goals are met.

What you can expect?

Actual treatment time is 30 minutes. At your first session, photos and measurements will be taken.  Follow up measurements will be taken after your fifth and tenth sessions and photos again after your series is complete.

+Sculpt treatments are painless! It feels much like a TENS device commonly used in physical therapy although it is completely different and used for holistic body detoxing and sculpting.  You will experience a tingling sensation and feel your muscles contracting. A 30 minute abdominal session is the equivalent of doing 400 sit-ups! Results are semi-permanent, as with everything in our attempt to fight the effects of aging. Healthy habits and consistency are key to achieving the best results!

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