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While there is no magic pill or supplement that exists, the right combination of supplements that support the body’s inherent ability to heal are the perfect adjunct to this type of wellness therapy. Our collection of Skin Products, Harmonized Waters, Elevate and Restore utilize technologies that tap into and support the natural function and design of body homeostasis. We give our clients the ultimate gift of health, longevity and wellness. This is not a select privilege for a few, but an undeniable right for all. We not only have the power to make an impact on our client’s skin, but their lives as well.

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What may seem baffling at times is that every mole, spot, bump, and/or scale is in a very specific spot on your body based on numerous conditions. These include your mental state (stress, anger, guilt, hatred all negatively impact your skin and body health), environmental influences (bad lighting, excessive sun exposure, pollution, poor water quality, damaging skin products), and diet which is the biggest contributor next to stress.

No one part of your body acts independently with another. That is why many systemic diseases have associated skin abnormalities. The reason this concept is so important is that it is not a generally accepted view from our medical community and therefore the approach to skin conditions is flawed. Rather than addressing the causes of these problems, we are usually addressing symptoms like redness, flaking or swelling. This philosophy has permeated our society; “acne…take antibiotics”, “redness…try a steroid…or maybe a laser treatment”. The assumption is that the skin is acting out of control, that it has disassociated itself from the rest of the body and only we know how to control it. WRONG! Most skin conditions are side effects of a bigger problem elsewhere in the body.

TAMA Blue Onyx

Science of Holistic and Natural Beauty




  • First of all, there’s no down time! Because this treatment is non-invasive, you don’t leave with a red or inflamed face so you can go about your daily business right afterwards without concern!
  • Inexpensive alternative with superior results to other costly treatments/procedures,
  • Each cartridge is individually wrapped & sterilized and discarded after use. As a result, there is zero risk of cross contamination!
  • Most importantly, Rezenerate is a pain-free cosmetic alternative to harsh treatments/procedures on the market.

Start treating yourself the way you deserve to be treated.


The Holistic Approach to Fat Loss

Osmosis +SCULPT is quite different than any other “fat loss” treatment.

  • Other technology doesn’t conform to various shapes of the body like Osmosis +Sculpt does.
  • Osmosis +Sculpt advanced wave technology controls the direction of the current resulting in inch loss as well as strengthening and toning muscles.
  • +Sculpt does not kill, freeze, or use heat to remove fat cells.
  • No chemicals are used helping your body to maintain the loss in a healthy way.
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“What made my facial with Lani stand out was the time she took afterwards to discuss what is going on with my face and created a game plan for me on how to solve my skin issues. She has been amazing about following up with me. No esthetician has ever done this for me or even asked me the history of my face to try to get to the bottom of the problems I was having. This was such an eye-opener to me and is the reason I come back to Lani because her service is so much more than just a facial.”

Michel M.

“SCULPT claims to be able to lose inches off of your waistline in MINUTES!  Okay, so you’ve heard the phrase “too good to be true”.  Right?  Truth here is this thing actually works!!

Lani first took measurements, then she hooked me up to several micro-current pads…and 30 minutes later, I HAD LOST 2 ¼ INCHES around three areas of my abdomen!!  That is an entire belt hole that disappeared on me from just the time I walked in her door!”

Grumpy S.

“Lani is amazing to work with. I have been using the Osmosis line she recommended and I have seen amazing results. I developed Rosacea and my skin was in very bad shape when I started consulting with Lani and by using the products she recommended all along my skin is all cleared. Lani is very knowledgeable, patient and easy to work with. I highly recommend her!”

Roohi S.