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Key To Healthy Skin-Systemic Balance


At Skin Solutions by Lani we follow the core philosophy of treating the body and skin as one cohesive unit; respecting the link between what happens inside our body and what is reflected on our

Key To Healthy Skin-Systemic Balance2018-12-12T16:41:29-08:00



HOLISTIC BEAUTY MEETS TECHNOLOGY Rezenerate utilizes a patented tool with never before seen restorative properties! Holistic beauty meets technology with the addition of Rezenerate to your facial treatments. It is one of safest and


Chocolate: Luxurious, Decadent & Very Healthy!!


Cocoa products, including chocolate come from the cacao bean (pronounced Ka-KOW), which grows on trees in tropical regions of the world. Cacao was discovered 2000 years ago and in Aztec it means "food of the

Chocolate: Luxurious, Decadent & Very Healthy!!2017-06-13T11:58:35-07:00

Drinkable Skincare


Drinkable Skincare is a revolutionary breakthrough in holistic corrective skincare today. It's not all about what you are putting on your skin - it's also about what you are putting inside your body! An exciting

Drinkable Skincare2017-06-13T11:59:20-07:00

Understanding Your Skin


What may seem baffling at times is that every mole, spot, bump, and/or scale is in a very specific spot on your body based on numerous conditions. These include your mental state (stress, anger, guilt,

Understanding Your Skin2017-06-13T12:00:10-07:00

Summer Skincare – DNA Repair


Summer Skincare - DNA Repair Are you truly taking the best care of your skin this summer? Did you know that technology exists today that can repair damaged DNA in your skin? Osmosis Catalyst not

Summer Skincare – DNA Repair2017-06-13T12:05:29-07:00

Why Eating Bad Feels So Good


Nutrition and your Skin: First in a Series My goal is to help you understand the link between a healthy diet and healthy skin, with this series about how nutrition and skin disorders are connected.

Why Eating Bad Feels So Good2018-12-12T16:41:31-08:00

Is Sugar Bad for your Skin?


Is Sugar Bad for your Skin? It is common knowledge that eating sugar leads to many health problems, but do you know how sugar can be bad for your skin? Starting with the Basics

Is Sugar Bad for your Skin?2018-12-12T16:41:31-08:00

How Eating Flour Can Affect Your Skin


We know that by eating healthy foods our skin will be healthy too, however, some foods that are generally regarded as healthy can be causing skin problems like Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis and Eczema. I will explain how

How Eating Flour Can Affect Your Skin2018-12-12T16:41:32-08:00

Birth Control For Acne: Yes or No?


Birth control pills, IUDs, implants and shots are widely used today and prescribed often as a means to control acne. Most forms of birth control can have the potential to cause acne and weight gain

Birth Control For Acne: Yes or No?2018-12-12T16:41:32-08:00

Eczema May Be Linked To Peanut Allergy


Study Shows 23% of Infants and Children with Eczema Are Sensitive to Peanuts Infants and children with eczema are at high risk of having peanut and other food allergies. "We were shocked to find out

Eczema May Be Linked To Peanut Allergy2018-12-12T16:41:33-08:00
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