Drinkable Skincare is a revolutionary breakthrough in holistic corrective skincare today. It’s not all about what you are putting on your skin – it’s also about what you are putting inside your body!

An exciting breakthrough has occurred in our understanding of how skin diseases or “conditions” work. It has become very clear that most skin conditions—acne, melasma, female facial hair, rosacea, oily skin, eczema, psoriasis and much, much more—all stem from particular internal imbalances relating to the digestive tract or the liver. The good news is that there are products that work holistically to correct these internal imbalances without causing side effects.

Harmonized Water utilizes a revolutionary new approach called “scalar wave technology.” It has been mathematically proven by quantum physicists that we (and every part of the universe) are all filled with energy and vibrations that can be described with different terms. These are scalar wave vibrations. This energy vibrates in very specific ways, creating all the unique elements of the world. Every cell, hormone, organ and other substance within your body have patterns of energy that are specific to them—like a fingerprint is to each individual.
When we are exposed to environmental, food-based, bacterial and fungal toxins, or when we have negative thoughts and emotions, our body vibrations are altered and therefore impact the performance of the organ system involved.

Harmonized Water’s scalar wave technology specifically targets and balances these alterations in a gentle way that does not produce any side effects. Think of it as tuning a piano. We use frequencies that do different things like harmonize the cells, remove toxins and mimic the positive waves in your body. Here are just some of the ways Harmonized Water can help your skin:


Acne is caused by two primary sources: candida toxins and estrogen toxins. Natural Defense controls candida and Anti-T controls the changes related to estrogen toxins. The primary estrogen toxins are chlorine, pesticides and preservatives. Candida overgrows in the gut from antibiotics, hormones and sugar. The bumps on the skin are simply the skin breaking down these toxins for removal. It is amazing to experience your skin clearing from just taking one or both of these waters twice daily.


Melasma is caused by liver damage that can be from medication like birth-control pills or from pregnancy after age 30 in most cases. Osmosis’ Restore helps the body repair the liver damage. It works in three to six months in the majority of cases. The brown on the face is a protective response created by the skin once the liver inflammation is reflected in the dermis of certain regions on the face. It has nothing to do with hormonal imbalances per se.