Rezenerate utilizes a patented tool with never before seen restorative properties!

Holistic beauty meets technology with the addition of Rezenerate to your facial treatments. It is one of safest and most noninvasive beauty devices on the market today. Rezenerate will not leave you with painful recovery time, or unnecessarily risk infection. Thanks to the most advanced technology around, Rezenerate is proven to refresh, restore and renew the skin.
Many of the invasive treatments found on the market today risk damage to the dermal layer that can cause pain, infection and toxic side effects. Rezenerate creates a unique solution to skin repair and rejuvenation by delivering nutrients where they need to go without any pain or discomfort, and certainly no risk of infection.

Rezenerate uses a proprietary handheld cosmetic tool (The Rezenerate Wand™) with pyramid-like nano-structures, each point having a diameter less than 1/3 that of a single strand of human hair. It is manufactured from mono-crystalline silicon utilizing advanced semiconductor fabrication technology and it is this innovation that allows for the precise and pain free conditioning of the skin. Additionally, the pyramid structures engage the body’s natural restorative properties stimulating cell repair and regeneration, which create never before seen results to the skin.