If you have Acne, then you have asked yourself – What Acne treatment is best for me? I’m sure you received many different answers, leaving you confused and still suffering.

Before you can begin treating your Acne, you need to know what is causing it in the first place. It is a common misconception that Acne is caused by bacteria or too much oil in the skin. It isn’t. Using antibiotics and drying agents actually create a bigger problem by weakening your skin’s immune function and damaging the protective lipid barrier. The skin is your body’s primary defense against injury and infection. It’s important to keep it strong so it can do its job of protecting you.

If you have Acne, your skin is reacting to inflammation inside. Your body is working hard to purge those toxins through your skin – that’s its job! The skin knows what to do, so we don’t want to get in it’s way.

Identifying the source of internal inflammation is the first step in treating Acne.

The next step is to treat the source.

Osmosis has discovered the link to treating the different sources of Acne holistically by correcting the problem at the cellular level. Dr. Ben Johnson answers the most common questions about Acne and provides a detailed explanation of how you can say goodbye to Acne forever.

Skin Solutions by Lani offers Custom Organic Facial Treatments that will reduce inflammation and scarring associated with Acne and provides each client with a personalized home care plan and ongoing education to ensure the return of healthy glowing skin. To find out what Acne treatment is best for you, call 805-427-1409. Your journey to wellness starts here!

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